Thursday, October 05, 2017

Lancet Windows CCVI, CCVII, and CCVIII

(Above:  Lancet Windows CCVI, CCVII, and CCVIII.  Click on image to enlarge.)

In anticipation of November's Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, I finished three more Lancet Windows.  Lancet Windows are my most popular size. Why?  Well, when my mother suggested something "long and skinny", she said most people have such a place in their homes. She must be right!  Thankfully, I love the design challenge.

The two geometric designs were inspired by the many ornate tiled floors in cathedrals and 19th century public buildings in England.  The center piece draws on my background in Medieval and Renaissance Studies, my major in college.  Many ancient churches have lower levels built during the Romanesque period.  Hence, nice curved arches in the nave and side aisles.  Above soar Gothic bays of clerestory windows, emitting lots of light under their pointed arches.

I'm really pleased with these three pieces though photographing them remains "a work in progress".

(Above:  Lancet Window CCVI taped to the front window at Mouse House.)

For these pieces, I lightly taped the top and bottom edge to one of the front windows.  Getting the camera in perfect position is rather easy.  I use the shutters and sill to square the framing of the image.  It isn't precise but it seems to work.  Reflected light, however, might be a bit of a problem but I shoot each one using several different exposures.  Thankfully, I have an old version of PhotoShop to crop and create a collage of the three pieces together.

One more thing!  I'll be giving a gallery talk at USC Upstate's Gallery on Main during the October Art Walk in Spartanburg, SC in my solo show, Anonymous Ancestors.  It will be at 6 PM on the 19th.  I'm very excited because this falls during the 39th Annual 2017 Tri-State Sculptors Conference

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