Sunday, November 05, 2017

Lots and Lots and Lots!

 (Above:  Wooden thread spool Christmas ornaments.  Click on any image in this post to enlarge.)

The life of a professional artist is often just plain HARD WORK.  There's lots to do all the time.  Today and yesterday were such days. 

First, I finished the last of my wooden thread spool Christmas ornaments.  These wool wrapped spools were embellished with hand stitching and threaded with shank and 2- or 4-hole flat buttons, beads, and a ribbon.  They are headed to the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show where they cost $15 each or four for $40.  Last year they sold very, very well until only twenty-five or thirty were left.  It seemed to me that people really wanted to sort through the selection and have plenty from which to pick.  Once the supply dwindled, the sales disappeared.  I knew I needed A LOT MORE!  So, I've been spending at least three or four evenings every week since July making hundreds of them.  I've made a bet with my husband Steve ... that I could almost earn our booth rent with these little gems.  That's a bold statement to make.  Why?  Well ... my booth fee was $1700.  That doesn't include the electricity (another $150).  Have I stitched enough pretty ones to cover the cost?  Well ... you do the math!  It's just too much for me to think about right now! LOL!  That's A LOT OF CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS!

 (Above:  Anonymous Ancestors is back in storage.)

Why is my brain a little fried?  (Well ... math was never my strongest subject!)  Seriously, yesterday was the day to dismantle my solo show Anonymous Ancestors from USC Upstate's "Gallery on Main" in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  The show closed at 5:00 PM.  We had it in the van by 7:30 and got home nearly two hours later.  It was too dark and we were too tired to unload.

 (Above:  Anonymous Ancestors is back in storage.)

We tackled the van this morning.  The two photos here show how it will be stored until late December when it goes to Fairhope, Alabama for a month.  Of course, I've put the Grid of Photos, the three sculptural garments, and the big rug in other locations ... but this is all 230+ framed pictures and all the furniture.  This is A LOT OF ANCESTORS!

 (Above:  Three leaf bags full of unraveled sewing thread ... storage for my installation Threads: Gathering My Thoughts.)

Before we could move all the "ancestors" into this location, we had to move the three leaf bags of unraveled thread out of the way. All this thread came down on Wednesday after my solo installation at the South Carolina State Library.  It will not stay in this closet forever.  I've got this hair-brained idea for it ... involving epoxy!  Can't wait! One way or the other, this is A LOT OF THREAD!

(Above:  The back of our utility van packed for the Philadelphia Museum of Art Show.)

As soon as the van was empty, we started filling it.  (First, the wooden shelving unit got literally tied to the interior roof!)  There's just enough space for our overnight bags ... I think!

This is A LOT ... of art, fixtures, lighting, booth panels, interlocking rug tiles, and everything else that will hopefully mean A LOT of sales (To be honest, I'm not sure I can fit it all back in the van if I take it out!  Some of it better find a permanent home someplace else!)  Wish me luck next week in Philly!


Els said...

All the best, Susan !!!
Hope you sell a lot of art and Christmas ornaments too ;-)

indigocarole said...

Susan, they look beautiful in the thread bowls. I hope they sell so well, you have to sell the bowls as well! You have provided so much inspiration over the years. My sewing room is full of things in thread bowls. May I make a few ornaments, as I won't be able to buy any at the show? I also have a lot of empty bobbins from making quilts. Thank you.