Saturday, November 11, 2017

Anabel Pichler and me at the PMA Craft Show

 (Anabel Pichler and me ... thirty years apart but SISTERS at heart.)

The Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show is in full swing.  I'm spending every day on my feet, in my booth, talking about polyester stretch velvet and how it is the foundation for my artwork ... but this year's show is different!  This year Anabel came to visit!

Once upon a time, my family and Anabel's family arranged a private "student exchange program".  It was an arrangement between the Lenz family in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania and the Pichler family in Radstadt, Austria.  I wasn't part of the program but my younger sisters Wanda and Erica were ... they went to live for a half-year or full year abroad.  Anabel and Bettina came to the USA for a year or a year-and-a-half.  We all became "sisters".  (By the way ... Wanda now lives in Munich and is married to a guy from Radstadt.  Anabel made a wonderful life with a great guy here in the USA ... and they have three gorgeous daughters ... one who came to the show!)  Steve and I haven't seen Anabell since either Wanda's or Erica's wedding.  (We can't exactly remember which ... because it's been something like 30 years).  But, Anabel and I are Facebook friends. She knew I was going to be here at the PMA Craft Show.  She lives within driving distance ... and came to the show.  It was WONDERFUL to hug my "sister" again, to meet her husband, and hug one of her daughters.  Today has been amazing!

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