Friday, February 09, 2018

A Busy Week!

 (Above:  A Baby Goat is Called a Kid, The Wall of Ancestors.)

I've been on the go ever since returning from two workshops in Alabama taught during the week in which my solo show, Anonymous Ancestors, closed at the Eastern Shore Art Center in Fairhope. It was a wonderful time even though I had to pack up the their installation.  I don't need more pieces for it but I can't help myself.  I keep making more.  After all, how can I resist adding the phrase "A Baby Goat is Called a Kid" to a picture like this!

 (Above:  Donation of old photos from Stephen Savage, board member at the Eastern Shore Art Center.)

The photo came from an amazing gift.  Stephen Savage is a professional photographer in the Mobile and Fairhope area of Alabama.  We gave me a big box full of old photos.  Some were unknown family members.  Others ... well ... simply anonymous and totally ripe for collaged phrases like ...

 (Above:  What Happens on the Buckskin Stays on the Buckskin, Wall of Ancestors.)

... this!  There are quite a few more than will soon be transformed for the installation.

 (Above:  No One Could Look Me in the Eyes and Not Tell the Truth. Wall of Ancestors.)

I got this old, anonymous image and frame from Bill Mishoe's auction.  It is BIG, measuring 31" x 27".  I particularly like big pieces for this installation.  They are generally the center or focal point for a vignette of pictures on a wall.

 (Above:  Relic XCVI.  Matted to 11 1/4" x 10".)

Of course I did some stitching during the week, finishing up Relic XCVI.  Each "relic" started as a demonstration piece in a workshop.

 (Images from the Allatoona Quilt Guild.)

I am free-motion stitching on another, large canvas painted in public during an art event called Nike's Advice.  It isn't complete yet.  Why? Well, I've also spent time with the Allatoona Quilt Guild outside Atlanta, Georgia.  I presented a truck show but got to enjoy the guild's general meeting and fabulous "Show-and-Tell".  Some of the work is donated to charity.  Some is the completion of a piece bound for a special family member or friend.  One lady modeled her quilt, a great jacket.

 (Above:  Images from the Southern Pines Quilt Guild.)

I forgot to share these photos taken last month.  I went to the Southern Pines Quilt Guild in North Carolina and gave a trunk show there too.  Again, these ladies are so talented and very, very generous.

 (Above:  Mounting 19th century dictionary pages to fabric and collaging vintage and antique images to each one.)

Some days are spend doing prep work.  This week I fused fabric to the reverse of 30+ pages selected from Charles Richardson's English Language Dictionary, 1846 and added images cut from pre-1950s magazines and assorted 19th engravings.  Soon I'll be adding some free-motion embroidery and collaged letters.  They will become the next wave in my new Great Quotations series.

There's never a dull moment here.  Tomorrow my husband Steve and I go to Salisbury, North Carolina to pick up my recently finished solo show.  Next Tuesday will find me in St. Augustine conducting another two-day HOT workshop and giving a power point lecture.  I've got a grant due on the 15th and several juried shows to enter.  Between the "paperwork" of art, the promotion of art, and the actually making of art, I sometimes feel like I have three jobs.  Thankfully, I like to keep busy!

I am linking this post to Nina-Marie's "Off the Wall Fridays", a site for sharing fiber arts. 


quiltedfabricart said...

My goodness! You are busy and that’s a good thing. Those photographs are priceless! It looks like a lot of fun to think up the phrases to go along with them.

Madalene Axford Murphy said...

Well, you certainly can't complain about being bored nor do you lead a solitary life. I am impressed, though, that you keep time for some of your own work amidst all the activity of sharing it with the rest of us.

Angela said...

You amaze me!