Saturday, March 31, 2018

Celebrating with New Work

(Above:  Window CXLVIII. Framed 17" x 15". $265. Click on any image to enlarge.)

I am still overjoyed with my incredible fortune about the Smithsonian Craft Show.  I'm already on the website too!  Click HERE to view the Decorative Fibers category, including me!  In celebration that I'll be in Booth 110 from April 26 - 29, I just had to make a new piece.  This is it!  My husband Steve is excited too.  He built me four frames with four linen liners instead of just one.  Therefore, I'll shortly be making three more this size.

(Above:  Wall of Ancestors: I Dreamed of Stardom and Hollywood Lights. 16" x 13".)

Now, whether I need more work or not (I don't, LOL!), I'm still finding a few more vintage frames for antique images to be part of my solo show Anonymous Ancestors.  The next show will be at Theatre Art Galleries in High Point, NC from May 24 - August 3rd.  Thus, these two altered images were finished this week too!

(Above:  Wall of Ancestors, Never Grew Up. 16" x 13".)

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Shirlee Fassell said...

Love your new work! Would love to take one of your Hotter classes but I have some health issues right now, nothing serious, but I need to wait until they are resolved.