Monday, March 12, 2018

Last pieces before ACC Atlanta

(Above:  In Box CCCXII. Framed:  33" x 21". Polyester stretch velvets on recycled, black industrial felt with self-guided, free-motion machine embroidery and melting techniques.  Inventory # 4261. $550.  Click on any image to enlarge.)

Tomorrow is a busy day.  Everything needed to erect booth 1408 for the coming weekend ACC (American Craft Council) Atlanta show will be gathered near our back door.  It is a day to consult the list of "little things" ... like pens, business cards, invoices, bubble wrap, price tags, bags, extra light bulbs, glass cleaner and rags, extension cords, tape, the Dust Buster, etc.  It will all go near the back door.  The cargo van will be packed early on Wednesday morning.  Then ... off to Atlanta!

 (Above:  In Box CCCXII.)

I'm always a little nervous before these big shows.  Not only am I afraid I'll forget something important, I'm afraid of failure.  A lot rides on a weekend like this.  More than the money (which is very substantial), it is difficult to stand in one, small space and say the same things over and over again if people aren't really interested.  It's hard to keep an upbeat attitude if sales are poor.  It's hard to keep telling myself, "Susan, your work is good!" if no one is looking.  Doing these high-end shows is an exercise in maintaining self-confidence! 

 (Above:  In Box CCCXIII. Framed: 19" x 15". Inventory # 4262. $235.)

Struggling with low self-esteem has always been an issue for me. Like many artists, it likely comes from childhood experiences.  One would think it easy to overcome by just "letting the past be the past".  It just doesn't work out that way.  For me, making art is the best way to combat my own mental demons.  So ... before most big shows, I simply make more work!  I always feel comfortable and happy in my studio.  Armed with a pair of scissors, a hot iron, and a sewing machine, I can conqueror just about anything! So, that's what I did this weekend!

 (Above:  In Box CCCXIV. Framed: 19" x 15". Inventory # 4263. $235.)

Yet, that's not all I did this past weekend.  I went to two dance productions and wrote reviews for Jasper Magazine.  Being the publication's "Dance Writer" has been an amazing experience.  I look at the performances differently and have to do a bit of research too.  There are two editors, too.  One makes almost no changes.  She's my age.  The other one (a much younger guy) seems to tweak at least three sentences.  For the most part, I've thought his rewording read pretty much the same as my original.  Hilariously, he altered one paragraph into a grammatical error by inserting the pronoun "they" (plural) which referred to back to the word "friend" (singular).  I said nothing ... but since I'm going to link the two articles, I didn't want anyone to think I didn't pay attention in nineth grade English classes.

Columbia Classical Ballet's Don Quixote review
Columbia City Ballet's Body & Movement showcase review

I've been writing for Jasper all season. If you scroll down the blog list, you'll find all my articles.  It's been fun!  I have only two more shows before my term is up.

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Shirlee Fassell said...

I understand the insecurities but Your work is fabulous and unique on the screen so I am sure it is even more so in person.