Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Six new "Small In Box" series pieces ... ready to go to Atlanta!

(Above:  In Box CCCXI.  Inventory # 4253.  Framed:  19" x 15". $235.  Click on any image to enlarge.)

By this time next week, Steve and I will be in Atlanta setting up booth #1408 at the American Craft Council Show.  Some of the other artists have been doing high-end, fine craft shows like this for twenty to thirty years.  Some artists do as many as twenty shows per year. We've been doing this for five years and do two or three shows per year.  Nevertheless, we are now finally feeling like "pros".  We know where we are going, what to pack, how to set up and light the booth, and what shoes to wear (which is a very important consideration!)

(Above: In Box CCCIX. Inventory # 4251.  Framed:  19" x 15". $235.)

It is also important to have plenty of work for potential art-lovers to purchase.  Everyone like having a choice.  Until this past weekend, I only had two "Small In Box" series pieces.  It was time to make more.  These are the six that got finished!

(Above: In Box CCCVI Inventory # 4248.  Framed:  19" x 15". $235.)

I think we are ready for Atlanta!  Scroll down to see the others!

(Above: In Box CCCVII Inventory # 4249.  Framed:  19" x 15". $235.

(Above: In Box CCCVIII. Inventory # 4250.  Framed:  19" x 15". $235.)

(Above: In Box CCCX. Inventory # 4252.  Framed:  19" x 15". $235.)

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