Thursday, May 24, 2018

Anonymous Ancestors at Theatre Art Galleries in High Point, NC

(Above: Anonymous Ancestors, Theatre Art Galleries in High Point, NC.  Click on any image to enlarge.)

Yesterday was amazing! The cargo van was already loaded to capacity when Steve and I got up.  We were on the road before 7 AM and at Theatre Art Galleries in High Point, NC by 10:15 AM.  Although I've installed Anonymous Ancestors in three other venues, this opportunity was different.  I was a little nervous too.  The provided space is ENORMOUS ... as in 2500 square feet!  It is one thing to transform an average gallery into the suggestion of a Victorian parlor but it is entirely a different thing to create that same sort of environment in an area larger than many full houses!

 (Above:  Anonymous Ancestors at Theatre Art Galleries in High Point, NC.)

High Point, North Carolina is internationally known for furniture and textile manufacturing.  It is sometimes referred to as the "Home Furnishings Capital of the World."  Twice a year, 100,000 exhibitors and buyers convene in the many buildings and spaces occupied by the High Point Furniture Market.  Theatre Art Galleries is one of these locations.  Perhaps this accounts for the size of the room.  Twice a year, it is a place to showcase sofas, master bedroom suites, bookcases, and a lot more furniture than my cargo van can carry!  I spent the first hour positioning the carpet, spreading out my assorted fixtures, and making sure the sight lines from every angle looked comfortable and attractive.

 (Above:  Anonymous Ancestors, Theatre Art Galleries in High Point, NC.)

 After placing the furniture, I suspended the two sculptural garments and arranged the other garment on its dress form.  Next, Steve helped hang The Grid of Photos.  I can't hang this one by myself.  Then, I placed the largest framed pictures in key spots on every wall.  From there, I worked outward, upward, and down ... hanging smaller pictures in a "salon style", an eclectic arrangement suggestive of a "wall of family pictures".  It took several hours.  Thankfully, I now have over 260 individual pieces.  All but about a dozen were hung.

 (Above:  Anonymous Ancestors at Theatre Art Galleries in High Point, NC.)

While I hung pictures, Steve helped sort the hooks-and-nails and with the ladder.  I hang pictures really quickly, especially with this sort of help. Jeff Horney, the executive director, tirelessly set the lights.  We all worked well together ... and rather rapidly.  We knew that elsewhere in the building the theater lights were being updated.  We'd been informed that our lights might go out for a little while.  They did!  Thankfully, it happened after everything was done ... except for taking more pictures.  Jeff said that he'll have someone snap more and send them to me!  I hope that happens as the show really does look fantastic and because I'm unable to attend the opening on the 31st.     

(Above:  Me at the beginning of the installation process.)

Why am I not going to my own reception?  Well, I have an amazing opportunity to teach for QSDS (Quilt and Surface Design Symposium) in Columbus, Ohio.  I leave on Sunday before 6 AM!  I'm really excited!

 (Above:  Me ... midway through the installation process.  With so much floor space, Steve was able to place all the available pictures on the carpet from where I could select the ones I needed most immediately.)

I am linking this blog post to Nina-Marie's "Off the Wall Fridays", a site for sharing fiber arts.

 (Above:  Me ... near the end of the installation process.)


Ann Scott said...

This is such an impressive installation and so much work! It looks wonderful and I'm sure all visitors will enjoy it. I guess if you have to miss the opening reception, QSDS is a great reason. I look forward to reading about it here.

Margaret Roberts said...

Really impressive!