Sunday, July 01, 2018

Heavy Duty Hangers

 (Above:  One of Nahanco's 22", heavy-duty drapery/linen hangers.  Click on any image to enlarge.)

One of the advantages to being at an art residency within three hours from home is the fact that I can actually "go home" for a day if I need to go.  I needed a quick visit on Friday.  Why?  Well, there was a large custom picture framing order (as in 44 pieces) for the local school district's permanent art collection (a project Mouse House has done for at least eighteen to twenty years) and MY HANGERS ARRIVED!

 (Above:  Some of the 36 hangers needed for storing and transporting The Cocoon.)

After an exhaustive Internet search, I finally settled on a box of thirty-six, heavy-duty NAHANCO drapery/linen/bedspread hangers.  These metal hangers are 22" in width and made right here in the USA.  For hangers, they were not inexpensive.  My husband Steve was flabbergasted at the price ... until the box arrived and he saw just how perfect they are for storing and transporting The Cocoon.  I would have ordered them to come directly to the Rensing Center but Steve wanted to see these things first (because he really thought I'd lost my mind with this purchase! LOL!)
(Above:  My studio/apartment after reconfiguring the pipe assemblage and carefully hanging all the panels on the hangers.)

So, I made a quick trip back to Columbia, did a little framing, and brought my hangers back to the Rensing Center. Okay ... I also created a sign and guest book for the upcoming art reception. The Cocoon will be open to the public from 6 - 8 on July 12th in the Rensing Center Library.  This is an awesome opportunity for me to move the installation, set it up, engage the public, and snap photographs for a proposal.  With any luck, The Cocoon will have several shows in all sorts of different places ... and I will be ready because I have this early chance to stage it!

(Above:  The panels hanging on the pipe system ... view from my ironing station.)

Although I still can't set up the pipe system in a full 10' x 10' design, I was able to erect a 10' x 8' cube.  I hung the existing panels on the eight foot sections.  These panels are actually quite heavy! So far, I have plenty of finished panels for a10' x 10' enclosure but I want to be able to create a 20' x 20' space.  I've got pipe system for this larger area.  So, I've already started construction on additional panels.

 (Above:  Detail of half of the finished, hanging panels.)

It might not look like it in these photos, but there are a lot fewer household linens in piles all over the floor.  There are, however, still some pieces that I really want to transform into more panels for The Cocoon.

  (Above:  Detail of half of the finished, hanging panels.)

Earlier into this art residency, I promised images of the natural beauty which surrounds me.  They are below.

There's a little trail that starts within twenty feet of my front door.  It goes down a wooded path near the cow pasture and leads to a secluded ...

... waterfall!  It is quite pretty and the sound is so relaxing.

Along the way, I've seen all sorts of fungi and mushrooms and

blossoming rhododendron ...

... and a turtle ...

... and plenty of spiders in their elaborate webs!  Now ... back to work! Stitch, stitch, stitch!