Saturday, July 07, 2018

More Panels for The Cocoon

(Above:  Detail of gloves now attached to one of the panels in The Cocoon.  Click on any image in this blog post to enlarge.)

The piles of vintage textiles laying on the floor of "The Pottery", my accommodations and studio here at the Rensing Center, are getting smaller. More panels are stitched every day!  Soon it will be time for me to move the entire installation to the Rensing Library for next week's reception.  (Thursday, July 12th from 6 - 8)  I'm getting excited! The Cocoon will be open to the public!   

 (Above:  Three more panels for The Cocoon.)

I've been hanging the newly made panels on this outer section of the pipe-assemblage cube and photographing both the front (above) and the back (below).  Of course, there really won't be a "front" or a "back" once the installation is set up.  There will be only "interior" and "exterior".

(Above:  The "back" of the panels shown previously.)

After I took these photos and the details, I took the panels down and hung them on my 22" heavy-duty bedspread/drapery hangers and immediately started stitching new panels to replace them. So, scroll down.  I'm sharing the details of this first set and following it up with the next set!

This detail shows a how I attached one of the small circular tablecloths to a larger green one ... and then put a blue apron on top!

Here's a crocheted collar that I attached with buttons.

I put a very small piece of crochet (possibly one meant to be combined with others and made into a doily?) on top of this great but damaged hand embroidered, cotton doily.

I love how the green curtain on the other side of this panel makes the lacy tablecloth stand out!

 (Above:  The next set of three panels created since the Fourth of July.)

Figuring out how to incorporate the circular tablecloths was a challenge!  Getting the elastic that gathered up the "arm part" of these colorful gloves was another challenge! 

(Above:  The "back" of the panels just shown previously.)

I was able to use a lightweight, ruffle edged bedspread as a backdrop to yet another antique, cotton dress.  Below are the detail shots of both the "front" and "back" for the second set of panels.  Enjoy!

I used six different cotton placemats on this panel!

The center of this circular tablecloth was embellished with yoyo-s and another, small lace doily.

My stash included several coats-of-arms for Scandinavian countries, and I found a place for each one!

Ironing an antique dress like this is a real pain!  I cannot imagine doing it without an electric iron!


Ann Scott said...

It is wonderful to see and read your progress with this project. I like the gloves, I think because of the punch of color they add. Seeing all of these pieces has sparked memories of my family I haven't thought of in years. I will love to hear/read about what you may hear visitors say as they walk your Cocoon.

Vivien Zepf said...

It's like a yurt! Hope the installation is successful and people enjoy the experience in Cocoon! Please share!