Monday, September 24, 2018

Four New "Window" Series Pieces

 (Above:  Window CLII. Inventory # 4343. Framed: 17" x 15". $265.)

This is a very busy week!  On Thursday, I will be installing my solo show Last Words at the Greenville Center for Creative Arts.  One of the infant garments from my Loss Installation is to be mailed to the Cloyde Snook Gallery at Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado for a show called Suspend.  It's also State Fair time and I have two pieces to deliver for that.  I'm working on several long-term projects too.

  (Above:  Window CLIII. Inventory # 4344. Framed: 17" x 15". $265.)

So ... time, as ever, is moving fast.  November 2 - 4 will be here quickly.  That's the dates for the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show.  I'm in booth 119.  Even though there's easily enough work for me to fill the booth, new work is always a good idea!  This weekend found me making these four new "Window Series" pieces.

  (Above:  Window CLIV. Inventory # 4345. Framed: 17" x 15". $265.)

Every night after dinner I'm busy making more Christmas ornaments from old wooden thread spools. These will also go to the show in Philadelphia.  The selection is growing beautifully.  I'm excited!
 (Above:  Window CLV. Inventory # 4346. Framed: 17" x 15". $265.)

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