Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Nuestra Señora and Two Peacock Feathers

 (Above: Nuestra Señora. Framed: 12" x 14 3/4". Image transfer on fabric with hand and free-motion embroidery plus trapunto (stuffing).  $150. Click on any image to enlarge.)

After finishing Leaving the Pueblo, I needed another project on which to hand stitch.  I generally spend evenings watching television with my husband Steve. There's rarely anything on television that completely captures my attention. I have to have a threaded needle!  

When I order images transferred to fabric from Spoonflower, I generally fill the entire yard with "something" ... including small pictures like this one.  It was a perfect for the last two nights ... and now I'm looking for another project because this one is finished!
(Above:  Nuestra Señora, detail of the trapunto.)

I don't know why I love trapunto but I do.  I adore how fabric is flexible enough to add dimension if the background is densely stitched.  The foreground (in this case ... the Virgin's face) can be filled with a little stuffing from the reverse.

(Above:  Peacock XXI.  Framed 31" x 11". $395.)

I also finished, mounted, and photographed two more Peacock Feathers.  These will be going to the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, November 2 - 4 ... which will be here soon!
(Above:  Peacock XXII.  Framed 31" x 11". $395.)

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