Saturday, November 10, 2018

Wooden Thread Spool Ornaments

(Above: Group 1)
This blog post includes 52 groups of wrapped-and-stitched vintage wooden thread spool holiday ornaments.  They are also posted on Facebook. Over the summer and fall, I made hundreds.  Dozens and dozens were sold at the recent Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show. Every day, more were made available but not everyone of them actually made it out into the booth for sale. (Limited space!) These are the ones that are left. At the PMA Show, I sold three for $40. I am offering each group of three for $47 including tax and shipping anywhere in the USA. (South Carolina actually charges tax even on out-of-state sales!) To make a purchase, send me a private Facebook message or email at stating which group you'd like.  


I will send a PayPal invoice. Once paid, I will ship immediately and mark the group "SOLD" both here and on Facebook. You do NOT have to have a PayPal account to pay the invoice! You can also call me at Mouse House at (803) 254-0842 to pay by credit card. My regular hours are 9:30 - 5:00. If you purchase more than one group, the shipping will only be $7 regardless of quantity. Thanks! Susan

(Above: Group 2)

(Above: Group 3)
SOLD !!!

(Above: Group 4)

(Above: Group 5)

(Above: Group 6)

(Above: Group 7)

(Above: Group 8)

(Above: Group 9)

(Above: Group 10)
SOLD !!!

(Above: Group 11)

(Above: Group 12)

(Above: Group 13)

(Above: Group 14)

 (Above: Group 15)

(Above: Group 16)

(Above: Group 17.  SOLD !!!)

(Above: Group 18.  SOLD !!! )

(Above: Group 19)

(Above: Group 20)

 (Above: Group 21  SOLD !!!)

(Above: Group 22)

(Above: Group 23)

(Above: Group 24)

(Above: Group 25)

(Above: Group 26)

(Above: Group 27  SOLD !!!)

(Above: Group 28)

(Above: Group 29)

(Above: Group 30)

(Above: Group 31)

(Above: Group 32)

(Above: Group 33)

(Above: Group 34)

(Above: Group 35)

(Above: Group 36)

(Above: Group 37)

(Above: Group 38)

(Above: Group 39)

(Above: Group 40)

(Above: Group 41)

(Above: Group 42)

(Above: Group 43)

(Above: Group 44  SOLD !!!)

(Above: Group 45)

(Above: Group 46)

(Above: Group 47)

(Above: Group 48)

(Above: Group 49)

(Above: Group 50)

(Above: Group 51)  SOLD !!!

(Above: Group 52)

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