Thursday, April 11, 2019

Puebloan Architecture

(Above:  Puebloan Architecture.  12" x 12".  Digital images on fabric with self-guided, free motion embroidery and hand stitched/blanket stitched binding.  Click on image to enlarge.)

Late last August my husband Steve and I went on a "Western Adventure" to explore Puebloan ruins in various National Parks and Monuments in the four-corners area.  I blogged about it HERE. I took hundreds and hundreds of photos, including many details of textural architectural elements.  Later, I had several printed on standard cotton by Spoonflower, a company specializing in this service.  I intended to make two quilts, but only made one.  (CLICK HERE to see Leaving the Pueblo.) Until yesterday, I did nothing with the cross-section tree and masonry images.  Then, I got another email reminder about the upcoming SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) annual charity auction.  It did not take me long to design a pleasing arrangement.  Within two hours, I had the piece stitched.  Before going to bed, I had the blanket stitch around the perimeter and the sleeve attached.  This morning, I photographed the work, submitted the information, and received my confirmation email. This afternoon, it will go into the mail.  Some things take a long time; this didn't.  Perhaps this was because I so loved being on ancient grounds under wide open summer sky and surrounded by the aura of a wild landscape!

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