Tuesday, January 14, 2020


(Above:  Commitment. Digital image on fabric with hand and free motion machine stitching, beading, and trapunto/stuffing. Framed: 26 1/2" x 20".  Click on any image to enlarge.)

I don't know how or why it so often happens ... but it does! If I'm hand stitching on two pieces, they will be finished within twenty-four hours of one another.  If I'm hand stitching on three pieces, they will be finished within a day or two as well. 

Earlier this week, I finished CRAZY (In the Millennial Age).  This piece took just over three weeks of work.  (It would have required more time but the holidays meant I didn't have to "go to my day job".  Some days found me stitching for a minimum of eight hours.)  Well, that piece took up the entire living room.  It couldn't go with me to my weekly auctions.  It couldn't fit into the van.  So ... I started stitching on Commitment when I couldn't work on the crazy quilt. 

 (Above:  Commitment, detail.)

Commitment's last stitch was plied the day after the crazy quilt was finished.  It was created in order to turn a diptych into a triptych.  After finishing Persistence and Resilience and hanging them, I stepped back and thought, "Something is missing.  There needs to be something in the middle."  Thankfully, I had another anonymous, vintage photo that fit the bill.  I scanned it and ordered the fabric from Spoonflower

(Above:  Persistence, Commitment, and Resilience hanging at Mouse House.)

Commitment is a bit larger and I used a slightly wider linen liner.  Now, I really like how they look on the wall.  For me, diptychs are nice but triptychs are better!


Ann Scott said...

Well done! I agree triptychs are much more interesting and visually more appealing. Don't you wish these old photos could talk.

Catherine - Mixed Media Artist said...

oh that's a nice addition to your wall of fame, and yep, I'd forgotten that someone addicted would need something small for those times when you had to be someplace else from "Crazy" ...