Thursday, February 20, 2020

To the Home of a Foe ... Nope! I'm going to Carrollton!

(Above: To the Home of a Foe, Altered Cross Stitch.  Framed: 26 1/2" x 23 1/2".  Vintage cross stitch with updated statement and hand-stitched background texture.  Click on either image to enlarge.)

During my last few days at a four-week art residency with the Springfield Art Association, I started stitching on the last of the vintage cross stitches in my stash.  It was the perfect project on which to work on the drive back to South Carolina.  Thankfully, Steve flew north last week to do all the driving on the return trip.  (We had an excellent time doing a whirlwind of sight-seeing before packing up the provided duplex!)

(Above: To the Home of a Foe, Altered Cross Stitch. Detail.)

One of my earlier altered cross stitches included the same, original statement.  That updated statement read:  The road to an enemy's door is always a short, two-way street.  While stitching it, I wished I had used the term "dead end".  Having a second and totally different looking cross stitch with the same original statement meant I got to altered my words again ... and insert the "dead end".  I really enjoy pulling the tapestry wool through these layers, linking old and new, and especially adding a twist!  (To see some of the other altered cross stitches, CLICK HERE.)

Thankfully, I have a new, small series on which to stitch later today.  This afternoon I'm headed to Carrollton, Georgia for a quilt festival at both the Carrollton Art Center and the Southeastern Quilt and Textile Museum.  I'm conducting a mini workshop tomorrow.  It's all about making my wooden thread spool ornaments.  On Saturday I'm presenting a luncheon Power Point program called "Beyond a Series".  It's going to be fun!


Catherine - Mixed Media Artist said...

Magic...and well deserved no doubt...home for a short break; possibly catching up on things, but now see off again doing what you love, including sharing.

Ann Scott said...

These are neat pieces (thanks for the older link), and your embroidered letters are so fine. Happy travels!