Monday, August 10, 2020

Dreaming During COVID-19

(Above:  Dreaming During COVID-19, a mini art quilt. 12" x 12".  Manipulated digital image printed on fabric with free motion and hand embroidery.  Click on either image to enlarge.)

As this pandemic drags on and more events, exhibits, and festivals are cancelled, I find myself stitching yet another image of vintage and antique dolls.  The change of colors reflects the way our world has changed.  The textural surface reflects the virus itself, infecting society.  The pose, however, is as if asleep and dreaming.  Some of the slumbering visions are a nightmare. There's something shocking in these dreams, like the shock of seeing people who refuse to wear a facial mask.  It is a nightmare to read about spiking numbers of newly confirmed cases and more notices of death.  Yet, there is something beautiful in this image too.  Like these dolls, I am dreaming of a better, healthier, more respectful tomorrow.  May that day come soon! 

 Below is a photo of the reverse side.  It reflects so many good things ... because much of the materials used were donated to my stash!  Gay Lasher once sent the lace used for the hanging sleeve.  Jinny Cherry and Dolly Patton donated the doilies.  Billie Hunkler recently sent the crocheted circle.  That's the world in which we pull together.  It is still with us and will win over this virus ... one day!


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