Thursday, August 20, 2020

The Clothesline at Wildflowers Too in New Jersey

(Above:  The Clothesline Installation at Wildflowers Too Gallery in Barnegat Light on the New Jersey shore.  Click on any image to enlarge.)

I am so very, very pleased that The Clothesline Installation is currently on display at Wildflowers Too Gallery in Barnegat Light on the New Jersey shore. Steve and I delivered artwork last month.  It's a fantastic gallery in a popular tourist town. When we were there, everyone was practicing social distancing and wearing masks ... so I'm sure those visiting the gallery will be safe and obviously, the installation is a reminder to "wash your hands"!!!

The gallery also has several of my pieces, including the entire Laundry Day Series. (Images are in two groups ... HERE and HERE.) Yet, it is the beautifully painted ceiling that impresses me most.  How perfect!  The Clothesline really does look like it is under puffy white clouds on a fabulous summer day!



Catherine - Mixed Media Artist said...

how extraordinary that the "hands" that washed clothing all those decades ago and now "hands" in style again but from the point of view of keeping ones' hands free of the current deadly germ.

irene macwilliam said...

emphasises the different interpretations one can make over a piece of art. Brilliantly appropriate. So lovely to get work shown in different settings over a period of time

Ann Scott said...

Congratulations. It look like a wonderful display. I can imagine visitors wondering under and between them, some of them having sparked memories of good days gone by.