Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Eight New "Window Series" Pieces

(Above:  Free-motion stitching with Ernie.  Click on any image to enlarge.)

I'm in the process of creating lots of new work for the upcoming VIRTUAL Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, November 6 - 8.  Among them are these eight "Window Series".  Each one is layers of polyester stretch velvet fused together on recycled, black industrial felt.  Strips of sheer chiffon are placed over the top to shift and add color.  Each one is then free-motion stitched using black, 100% cotton thread.  I stitched them on my Babylock Tiara.  Ernie was "so helpful"!

(Above:  Window CXCIII.  Each piece is roughly 13" x 11" and framed with spacers and glass.  The outer dimensions of the frames are 19 1/4" x 17 1/4".  Each one includes a stitched "LENZ" somewhere in the lower right corner.  The price ... just $265 plus tax and shipping.  Documenting this is really important, especially now! 

(Above: Window CXCIV.)

In addition to making this new work, I'm figuring out how to best show it on a blog dedicated to selling it!  This means extra photos, more blogging, and changing my website to direct people to the available work. This is scary!

(Above: Window CXCV.)

I really like how these new pieces are turning out.  I am already turning my attention to new Lancet Windows.  The list is long and challenging but will be worth it!

(Above:  Window CXCVI.)

The leaf motif is really new!  I might have to try other types of leaves in the future!

(Above:  Window CXCVII in a composite image.)  
This is how I'm planning to show the work on the dedicated blog.  I hope the image with me holding the new work gives a good sense of the presentation as well as the scale of the work.)  

(Above: Window CXCVIII.)

Ernie also tried to help mount the pieces!  Each one is stitched onto a piece of Bainbridge 8511, acid free mat board.  Scroll down for two more pieces!

(Above:  Window CXCIX.)
(Above:  Window CC ... and in TWO HUNDRED!)


Bea said...


Marv, Jo Jo, Komo, Cinnamon & Angel Nellie said...

I love the interplay of the colors and how the black thread defines them. Gorgeous! I also liked seeing the size.

Catherine - Mixed Media Artist said...

Ernie looks like he's gotten a lot bigger - probably ate a lot of food when his textile sewing partner was away recently. And it's good to know he still wishes to help with production, even if it's just in a supervisory practice.

And yes again, you do not seem to be sleeping much, you've in your usual productive mode...and they feel different these pieces....