Thursday, December 24, 2020

Mandala XXIII

(Above: Mandala XXIII. Hand stitched. Framed: 47 1/2" x 47 1/2" as a diagonal; 34" x 34" as a square. Antique brown-and-pink quilt section on which found objects have been stitched. Found objects include: white tiled dominoes; plastic spoons; Coke bottle caps; clock gears, parts, and a spring; crocheted pieces; buttons; loose leaf ring and flat paper binder; binder clips ; Mahjong tiles; owl-eyed vintage paper clips; white plastic rings; fountain pen nibs; keys; zipper pulls; Tinker toy wooden connectors; and brass hinges. Click on any image to enlarge.) 

I was a little apprehensive when starting this mandala.  All the others were created on vintage quilt sections made up of lighter colored fabrics.  I wasn't sure the found objects would stand out as well.  Contrast was needed.  Then, I found a set of white tile dominoes.  Once I put the clock spring in the middle, the rest of the piece came nicely together. 

(Above:  The quilt section stapled to a stretcher bar and having salmon color tulle put over the surface.)

The front of this antique quilt seemed to be in good shape, except for one stain.  The back, however, is very, very fragile.  Some of the reverse is actually gone, exposing the cotton batting.  I cut the quilt up into various sizes, cutting around the stain.  As a result, I am already stitching on another section that will be this same size.  There will be two smaller, nine-patch sized pieces and two single motif pieces.  Before stitching, I put a layer of salmon colored tulle over the surface.  This seems to unify the colors of the quilt, almost like a watercolor wash.  Yet, it is also a protective barrier for the old fabric, something that protects the old, hand stitched piecing.

(Above:  Ernie helping stitch the mandala.)

The tulle also makes it rather easy to remove any cat hair! LOL! 

This mandala can be hung as either a diamond or a square.  I've stitched my name on a diagonal in the lower, right corner.

Today I took photos.  Thankfully, it is nicely overcast this morning.  We are expecting plenty of rain later this Christmas Eve day.  The detail images are below!  Happy Holidays!



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Kathy Pitts said...

I am loving all of these mandalas, you are so talented.