Thursday, April 22, 2021

Mandala XLVII

(Above:  Mandala XLVII. 16" x 16".  Found objects hand stitched to a block of a vintage quilt. Found objects include:  a clock face; colorful numbers from a child's game; four springs from a cuckoo clock; four toy truck wheels; buttons; plastic eyelashes donated to my stash by cyber friend Marty Ornish; and four, gold colored metal circles that were bases for beaded earrings.  Click on any image to enlarge.)

I ran out of orange bridal netting to cover the surface of another, four-patch mandala.  But, I had a piece of gray that fit over this single quilt block.  So ... I stitched this fun piece.  At first, I didn't like it.  I thought the colorful numbers were too bold.  I didn't know how to bring balance to these strong, in-your-face colors.

(Above:  Detail of Mandala XLVII.)

I had hoped that the green toy hubcaps, gold-colored jingle bells, and metal jewelry circle would be enough balance ... but they didn't.  Even the funny, plastic eyelashes weren't enough.

(Above:  Detail of Mandala XLVII.)

Finally, I added layered buttons on the edge.  The buttons on the top were in assorted colors.  I think these little items actually brought the balance I was seeking.  Funny ... buttons can do so much!  Gotta love them!

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Catherine - Mixed Media Artist said...

Interesting in this case "more is best" whereas we are often told "less is more" - maybe the buttons kind of "frame the works" and bring everything together, without overpowering...