Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Mandala L and LI (as in Roman numerals 50 and 51)

(Above:  Mandala L.  Framed: 23" x 23" on point; 16 1/2" x 16 1/2" as a square.  Found objects hand-stitched to a vintage quilt block. Found objects include: pet tags donated to my stash by Linda Whittenburg; belt and overall buckles (also from Linda); copper washers from Sue Porter Heiney; decorative wire squares from Margaret Blank; Starbucks coffee stoppers; old keys; toy truck tires; screw eyes; buttons; bolts; an antique gold drawer pull back plate; and some sort of metal circle that might be plumbing hardware.  Click on any image to enlarge.)

As promised yesterday, I'm blogging the two, smaller mandalas that were finished before my two weeks of solo show installations and an art residency.  These two were inspired by Linda Whittenburg's generosity.  She left a nice comment on Mandala XXXII  regarding the pet tags on that piece.  She mentioned having some and perhaps sending them to me.  Well ... she did!  She also sent a note saying that she might be interested in a small mandala using these pet tags.

(Above:  Mandala L, detail.)

I love this sort of "non-commission".  I was under no obligation to actually use the items she sent or to discuss a design, arrangement, size, price, or anything else.  Linda was under no obligation to purchase anything.  Of course, I used the pet tags and buckles she sent.  Of course I sent her images before I left ... as a "first refusal".  She got to see the two finished pieces before anyone else.  Well, she liked them and bought Mandala L.  I am always so very, very happy when one of my pieces finds a permanent home!  THANK YOU LINDA!

(Above:  Mandala LI.  Framed: 23" x 23" on point; 16 1/2" x 16 1/2" as a square.  Found objects hand-stitched to a vintage quilt block. Found objects include: pet tags and buckles donated to my stash by Linda Whittenburg; Cosby whiskey stirrers from Scot Hockman; gold discs from recently dismantled trophies; plastic eyelashes from Marti Ornish; keys; shower curtain rings; metal picture frame hangers; earring parts shaped like a ships' helms; washers; an ornate pin; and a metal circle that looks like it might have been part of a camera lens.)

I decided to stitch two, small mandalas with the pet tags because I simply didn't like any arrangement that used all of them.  The shapes and colors just refused to cooperate!  I couldn't find a quilt block that seemed to work with all the tags.  Yet, I found two different quilt blocks from the same vintage quilt that each looked great with half the tags.  It is fun to figure out what found objects go together and what looks good on the vintage quilt blocks in my stash. 

(Above:  Mandala LI, detail.)

I am also very, very happy to announce that these mandalas were accepted into the 2021 Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show! My fiber vessels were also accepted!  This makes six times in a row!  It is, however, the first time I applied with different work in the category of "decorative fibers".  I was nervous.  Now I'm really thrilled!

(Above:  Ernie the Cat supervising the photography for these mandalas!)

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