Friday, June 18, 2021

Hand-Stitched In Box ... number CCCLXXXIII

(Above:  Detail of In Box CCCLXXXIII.  Click on most of these images to enlarge.)

I am behind in my blogging but I'm not behind in my studio ... even when my studio happens to be the passenger seat of our cargo van!  One of the reasons for not posting sooner has to do with an unexpected weekend trip!  Last weekend we delivered four pieces to a very nice woman who recently purchased my work through the SC Arts Foundation Sale.  It simply made more sense to drive to Watkinsville, Georgia in exchange for some gas money than to package up and ship the artwork, something that would have cost a great deal more.  She saved money; we got a weekend get-away!

(Above:  In Box CCCLXXXVIII. Framed:  24" x 20; unframed 16" x 12". $375 plus tax and shipping.  Layers of polyester stretch velvet on recycled, black industrial felt with hand stitching and melting techniques.)

 After making the delivery, Steve and I headed for a wonderful hike down and back up the gorge at Tallulah Falls.  This was where the 1971 movie Deliverance was filmed.  The trails were fabulous.  Some of them were made from shredded, recycled rubber tires.  There was also a suspension bridge.  The roar of the water was awesome.   

Unfortunately, no one was permitted off the trails and into the clear, cool water.  Perhaps after this pandemic is finally over, we will return and get river access.  The day was great!  We stayed in Sylva, North Carolina that night.  Dinner was at a craft brewery.  The next day, we drove into Asheville and delivered more of my artwork to the Grovewood Gallery

(Above:  My view during the drive ... to In Box CCCLXXXVIII in progress.)

Before leaving, I constructed a new In Box series piece.  Most of this series is free-motion machine stitched using 100% cotton thread.  For a hand-stitched piece, I use all sorts of cotton embroidery floss and perle cotton thread.  

Steve and I had a great time, especially since we were sort of celebrating!  Why?  Well, my two-or-three times postponed 2020 art residency at Guadalupe Mountains National Park in west Texas has firm dates!  I'll be there from August 18 - September 18!  I'm excited.

 I promise to catch up with the several new mandalas that are also finished.  They all got done at pretty much the same time.  Why?  Well, I had several in different stages of development.  I did this intentionally.  They were used for my presentation at the Logan Lap Quilters Guild on Tuesday and for a Zoom presentation for an art quilt group in Arizona on Wednesday.  Tomorrow ... I promise ... to share them.  

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