Sunday, August 15, 2021

Going to TEXAS!

This was the last frame that Steve and I built over the weekend.  It is gigantic!  It will be part of a major installation that is planned for spring 2022!  Yet, it wasn't the only thing done over the past two days.  I was quite busy packing for a month-long art residency at Guadalupe Mountains National Park in western Texas.  This was an opportunity awarded in 2020, postponed twice, but is finally happening!

My public program will happen Friday - Sunday over Labor Day weekend.  What will I be doing?  Well ... I'll be helping visitors trace and cut-out their hand prints on found fabric (previously backed with heat-activated adhesive) and iron them on to a large selection of vintage household linens.  There will be a clothesline and conversations about energy conservation.  It is during Wilderness Week ... so we will also be talking about how laundry would have been done by pioneers.  I can't wait to do all this and to hike new trails!  My plan is to be blogging from Texas ... so check back here!


Catherine - Mixed Media Artist said...

Susan, sounds amazing - looking forward to photos of the area, I did look at the link but having photos by someone on the spot, even better. And your "hands" have certainly created a bigger interest in the world around us.

Margaret said...

I'm sorry; I'm a Canuck. I can't fathom your teaching a large group in TX where freedom to spread a highly-contagious virus is the law of the land. I just hope and pray you stay safe and well and manage to have a good time. Hugs!