Monday, August 09, 2021

The Guest Book from The Big Day

(Above: The Guest Book at The Big Day, my solo show at the Pickens County Museum of Art and History.  Click on the image to enlarge.)

Ever since The Big Day closed, I've been meaning to sit down and read the comments written in the guest book but time sort of got away from me.  From the start, I intended not only to read the comments but to blog about some of them.  It was to be my way of sharing the show with those who donated wedding gowns.  Well ... today is the day!

To back up a bit, The Big Day is my solo show marking Steve and my 40th anniversary.  It was installed at the Pickens County Museum of Art and History from May 11 - July 23, 2021.  A video of it is HERE.  I created the guest book back in April.  Click HERE to read the blog post. 

The guest book was made from a  vintage photo album.  Years ago, I used xylene to transfer photocopies of my digital cemetery angels onto printmaking paper. I made more than enough. The "leftovers" became the pages for the guest book.  On these pages, I zigzag stitched donated index cards.  They aren't ordinary index cards but a filing system used by a mid-century bride from a prominent Mississippi family.  I hoped people would use the guest book, write a comment, sign their names ... anything!  Well ... several did.  Below are some of the many inscriptions.  I've omitted the names simply because I didn't state that I would be publicly sharing anything!

May 26th. I was married at Mt. Grove Baptist Church on 12/27 (same date as my daughter) and same church location. Red poinsettias for me. Christmas kinda wedding. Groomsmen were all in uniform.

June 4th. Beautiful! Luv it!

June 15th. The dresses are by FAR beautiful and the quotes are the BEST. LOL! Never get married. Stay free forever!!

Thank you, Susan! Lovely to see my mother's dress and stitched veil. "I do; I don't" sums the whole business up! The selfies are a riot!

June 15th. My husband and I eloped. I never had my dream wedding. He died before we could renew our vows. 10 years later, waiting for another chance @ LOVE.

June 20th. Susan, you've nailed it again! What a treat to see this show with all these Rensings! Love and Admiration. (Not written ... but important for the understanding of this comment: The Rensing Center is a nearby art residency and the place I stayed when installing the show.)

July 16th. We came from Albany, GA. I found my prince 48 years ago - married 42 years. Wonderful exhibit! Thank you, Susan, for showcasing the beautiful gowns. Such a creative presentation.

Unmarried but loved. From New York

(Two signatures in the handwriting of children) Comment from their mother: Not married yet but both hope they find their prince one day.

(Another signature in the handwriting of a child) along with: This creeps me out

July 22nd. Beautiful. Touching. Thank you.

Otherwise, there were more signatures.  I'm so happy that people did write in the guest book.

Now, to update the exhibition. The Big Day will be my submission for ArtFields 2022.  There's no guarantee that it will be accepted but it can't go to Lake City for this event unless I apply.  Applications will be accepted from September 1 - November 1.  I likely will not know if The Big Day gets this opportunity until mid-December. Fingers and toes are crossed.

Thank you ... to everyone who donated a gown, visited the show, signed the guestbook, looked at the video or followed this journey!



Ann Scott said...

Congratulations on the years you and your husband have shared. I really enjoyed the video of this installation. The installation - another thing you do so well. I can only imagine the planning involved.

Catherine - Mixed Media Artist said...

As the saying goes, "to be a fly on the wall" when the people wrote in your guest book...