Friday, October 01, 2021


(Above:  Mandala LXXVIII, detail.  Click on any image to enlarge.)

Before leaving to be the month-long, artist-in-residence at Guadalupe Mountains National Park, I had most of this found object mandala stitched.  Since returning, it was finished, mounted, framed, and today it got photographed.  I am nearly caught up with all the work on my "to do" list!  There are still several loose ends awaiting my attention, but I can finally see the light at the end of my own work tunnel.

(Above:  Mandala LXXVIII.  Custom framed: 37 1/4" x 37 1/4".  Found objects hand-stitched to a section of a vintage quilt.  Found objects include: a clock face; a brass light fixture (center); keys; crystal chandelier prisms; plastic red peppers; beer caps; laminated Tampa Nugget cigar bands; screw eyes; small doilies; heart shaped and red cherry charms; buttons; yellow hair curlers; and bright blue registration leg bands for racing pigeons.)

Lots of the found objects came from thrift stores and Bill Mishoe's Tuesday night "walk around" auction of used household "stuff".  Most everything at the auction is sold by the "table lot".  That means, everything on and under a card table is sold together.  I didn't get the table lot that included the red peppers.  I simply asked the successful bidder if he would sell them to me.  Lucky me!  He said I could have them for free.  (Okay ... I admit it.  He looked at me like I was perfectly insane, but that's okay!  I got want I wanted!)








(Above:  Mandala LXXVIII, detail.)

The bright blue registration leg bands for racing pigeons, however, came from Canada.  I cyber friend sent them to me.  Thanks, Linda!  Each little band has a different number and a website:  This series of found objects is an adventure!


(Above:  Mandala LXXIX.  Custom framed: 14 3/4" x 14 3/4". Found objects hand-stitched to a block of a vintage quilt.  Found objects include:  Four old Christmas light bulbs; wooden Christmas ornaments; binder rings, buttons, chandelier crystals; a red plastic bottle cap; and bright blue registration leg bands for racing pigeons.)

I had just enough registration leg bands left to use on this, small mandala.  I do have more Christmas ornaments though.

(Above:  Mandala LXXIX, detail.)

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Catherine - Mixed Media Artist said...

Susan, every single mandala shows us another "object" that you have rescued and used to great effect, thanks for sharing...Catherine in Spring time, NZ