Monday, December 20, 2021

Behold the Wonder at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Sumter, SC

(Above:  The Canopy inside Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Sumter, SC.  Click on any image to enlarge.)

I am truly honored to have my artwork as the inaugural exhibition for a new program called "Art in the Sanctuary".  This solo show, called Susan Lenz: Behold the Wonder, was organized by Harriett Green, an art consultant whose experience in South Carolina goes back decades. For the show, she selected The Canopy and a selection of other, spiritually charged fiber arts from my "Stained Glass Series" and my "Elements in Blue".

(Above:  The entrance and planned reception area for Behold the Wonder.)

Harriett Green wrote an amazing essay to accompany the exhibit, organized a most lovely reception, and even provided helpers for the actual installation of the artwork.  Unfortunately, the weather yesterday (Sunday, December 19th) was windy.  It rained intermittently too.  The reception was quickly moved next door, into the Parish House.  Despite the move, the reception was quite wonderful.

(Above:  Installation shot.)

The installation was on Saturday.  Cole Miller, the curator at the Sumter County Gallery of Art, and his life partner Eric were so instrumental in getting The Canopy raised and then hanging the other artwork.  For me, this was most amazing. Cole had already installed my solo show, Last Words, earlier in the week at the museum. Both shows look totally amazing.

(Above:  The entrance to Good Shepherd and my solo show.)

As an event planner, Harriett Green sees to every detail ... including fresh, green wreaths and interior floral arrangements.  

(Above:  Under The Canopy in the nave of Good Shepherd.)

Once inside, one is quickly under The Canopy.  (My wide angle sort of skewed the view.  The Canopy is not actually lopsided! LOL!)

(Above:  Two of the four Large Stained Glass pieces.)

Four of my Large Stained Glass fiber pieces were hung to give the illusion that they were part of the architecture ... just like the real stained glass windows.

(Above:  Looking back toward the front door to the sanctuary.)

The view looking back toward the front door is amazing.  Four of my "Windows" are on the back walls, and the church's cross-shaped window is visible through The Canopy

(Above:  Two of my matted "Window Series" pieces, hanging on the back wall of the church.)

Yesterday's reception was from 1 - 3 PM.  During this time, Landon Osteen, a classical guitarist currently pursuing his DMA (Doctorate of Musical Arts) degree at the University of South Carolina, played various, traditional Christmas music.  It was quite lovely.



irene macwilliam said...

looks great

Christine said...

How wonderful. Wish I could come visit....

Have a great Christmas and, please, continue to inspire us through 2022
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