Thursday, August 31, 2006

Katie visits and the work continues

Yesterday, Katie Caggiano came for lunch. In fact, she brought the lunch from our old take-out stand by, The No Name Deli. The food was delicious, of course, but the conversation was wonderful.

Katie used to work here at Mouse House, Inc. I hired her during the summer just after she gradutated from Dreher High School. She worked part-time, transferred to the College of Charleston, worked in the summer, quit, transferred back to Columbia, and started working full time. Over the years, we watched Katie grow up and become invaluable to our business. More importantly, Katie became a friend. She was the last person employeed by Mouse House (other than Steve and I). I don't think I could have down-sized my business as successfully without her help. She stayed until the Medical College in Charleston accepted her into their physician's assistant program. She just graduated and is about to take her medical boards.

Katie really hadn't visited since the house fire so we had fun showing her the new renovations (which are now two years old!) We also showed her the video of Mathias and Sasha's competition performances from Varna. We talked about her new girlfriend, the PA program, her upcoming medical boards, her search for a job, my artwork, and also determined that we'd go to dinner at Hunter-Gatherer next Tuesday night.

It was wonderful to see Katie, to catch up, to relax for an entire afternoon with memories and news. We provided a character reference letter which was so easy to write. Katie is wonderful. Whatever business or organization is lucky enough to have Katie accept a position will be forever pleased.

During the past few weeks, I've started another altered book. It uses Malraux's Man's Fate. I've collaged in 1923 playing cards from a game called "Bird Lotto". The message is a mix of extinction, destiny, fate, chance, and man's fate. I mentioned starting this project. Later, I ran out of faux gold leaf, however. I ordered more. It arrived today. I'm toying with ordering a new transfer product called Sheer Heaven paper.

In the meantime, I'm heavily into my new archeology project. Old pieces have been disected, re-formatted, and stitched into new miniature art quilts. Each simply cries out for beads. Thus, I'm hand stitching and beading almost every time through the Jay Leno show. I'm having a blast.

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