Saturday, September 02, 2006

Penny Sisto

It's taken some time, not really much, but SOME TIME to clease myself from Ballet Talk for Dancers, an on-line forum for people interested in ballet. Basically, many of the "threads" are maintained by parents of wannabe dancers. They complain, cheer one another, boast about their kids, and pose questions from a group of moderators. These well meaning moderators are often ballet moms trying to find their place in the ballet world. Others are second rate teachers and some are even elderly dancers evidently trying to reclaim a little of their former "glory days" by appearing knowledgable and worldly to a cyber community. I got caught up in it for awhile, but briefly, and really didn't have too much trouble finding my way out again.

I am indebted to Ballet Talk for Dancers in many ways. I found so many supportive readers, all kind souls who helped get me through the difficulties of Jackson and the trials of Varna. I was introduced to too many really super people through private messaging. My world has grown. I am truly grateful, but I'm not going to subject myself to the chastizing tones of people trying to protect my identity (or the identity of my dancer, Mathias). I'm fully aware that the Internet is PUBLIC. I embrace posting with my own name and encourage people to respond directly. I reaped much from my association with this group. I'll happily respond to any from this group, but I can't risk my sanity by trying to fit in again. I don't fit in. I can't. I'm grateful but must move on. I'll report ballet, as I see it and feel it and experience it, but HERE on my blog--not on their sorority-styled Internet site.

Anyway, I recently cleared our my "In Box", "Sent", and "Saved Box"--or whatever they called these files (I'm a quick typist but a computer newbie!) I found one message sent to me from a lady who'd read my blog. She told me about her amazing mother, another fiber artist.

Yesterday, I googled the mother's name: PENNY SISTO at OH MY GOD! What a talent! How totally inspirational. The daughter wrote to me that this amazing stitcher, a grandmother several times over, took up ballet a few years back and is now on pointe! I, however, couldn't quite get past her slave quilt series, her artist's statement, and the power of each quilt.

Penny Sisto is a lady who knows how to express herself with a needle and thread. She also knows how to deal with ballet. She took up dance herself. She does not live through her granddaugher. She has her own place, her own talent, her won vision, and her own agenda. She is a fiber artist of great acclaim. She reminded me most remarkably of my own, potential future.

I went to the studio yesterday and again today with a renewed sense of utter passion. I was productive, creative, and worked tiredlessly. The results can be touched and enjoyed. My mind is engaged and setting lofty goals.

Thank you PENNY SISTO. Thank you, to her kind daughter for sharing this remarkable work, a live's journery in fibers.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, and thank you..I love your Blog..I am working on two new series for next year (2009)..again, I thank you for your comments on my work..In Peace,Penny