Sunday, October 29, 2006

African Series delivered to Aiken and TIES!

Alex and I headed to Aiken, South Carolina at 9 AM on Saturday morning. We delivered the entire African series to the upper gallery of USC-Aiken’s Ettheredge Center to its director, Ann Bliss. I am truly honored to have such a nice, public place in which to display the group. I’ve called the exhibit “Masks and Markings”. The picture is of Ann and I before we left her to hang the work.

Alex and I spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon on a search for thrift stores in Aiken. We bought dozens of ties, even got a discount from the SPCA shop because the purchase was for another charity event. All the ties are headed for Alex’s donation to Festival of Trees, November 17 – 19 at the State Museum. It is a black-tie gala event to raise funds for Children’s Hospital. Alex’s tree is being called “A Gift for Dad”.

On the way back into Columbia, we stopped at the Pets, Inc. Thrift shore and found the “mother-lode” of ties. The manager said she’d only put them out an hour before we arrived. It was “meant to be”. Of course, we fell madly in love with one of the cats and left teary-eyed.
Alex spent the rest of the afternoon creating his costume for the Halloween performance of Columbia City Ballet’s “Frankenstein”. Steve listened to Ohio State shut out the Minnesota Gophers. I went to my studio and finished the binding of my artist book on extinct languages.

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