Friday, October 27, 2006

A Busy Week

A few weeks ago I created an altered book using Fiske's Life Everlasting. I just couldn't resist. I knew the paper was too brittle, the binding was shot, and the book was just too fragile. I did it anyway. I'm as pleased with the results as I can be but wished that I'd made individual pieces using my digital photo transfers.

Well, I went to and found another copy of the 1901 book for just $7 including shipping. This is actually less than I paid for the first book! I'm absolutely thrilled. I'm planning on using all forty-five pages, framing the best twelve. Two are pictured here. Because of the effort in creating the book, however, I actually KNOW how to really make great individual pieces. Steve and I have worked out all the details (even now while the artwork is just getting underway!) The framed pieces can sell at just $150 and the remainder (matted and shrink-wrapped) will cost just $95. Now, the pressure is on to complete everything! They will all be in my studio for Vista Lights, November 17 -19. Thus, I've got my work cut out. I've also got to finish the series, "Growth". I've just got the twigs and stitching to do.

I am scheduled to deliver all 25 African pieces to USC-Aiken on Saturday for my solo exhibit, Masks and Markings. In the meantime, I'm working on seventy-five painted, wooden spools for the Archeology Project and finishing an artist book on extinct languages.

Alex has just completed the mini-video of my altered book, Mosaic. I will post a link to it when it appears on MySpace. I really wish I knew how to attach videos here. I read Matthew Murphy's blog regularly. He's an ABT corps member, an excellent writer, and knows how to attach videos--some of which have featured his choreographic efforts. So, I know it is possible to include a video; I just don't know how to do it! Alex will be working on Life Everlasting soon. He's anxious for the money! I pay him $15 per video--I know, really cheap labor! I do take all the images, color and contrast corrent everything, write the statements, and provide him with a "story board". He selects the music (which I approve) and makes the video, makes my corrections, and posts it. Still, cheap labor! Alex used Jesse Cook's music for Mosaic; my absolute favorite!

Mathias called yesterday. The company is in London and he's in a fabulous mood. He's excited about touring and even more ready to start rehearsal for Nutcracker. He's cast in several parts, soliders and rats and corps. But, there's something about "Spanish". Steve will be visiting in November to see the show. Also, both Steve and I will visit Birmingham in February during a week when we'll see one ballet close and the next open. Mathias is happy about our trips. He is also absolutely sure Steve should cancel all the travel arrangements made for a holiday visit to San Francisco. No regrets.

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