Sunday, October 08, 2006

Preparing for a Keynote Address

Saturday was almost blur. I didn't sleep well at night because my eyelid is swelled with some sort of allergy related infection. My dreams were of the coming art educators conference and how I ought to speak to teachers. I've decided to thank them most humbly.

I really mean this. These hard-working teachers go into the classroom day after day. I've taught through the SC Arts Commission's Art-in-Education program as an Artist-in-Residence for three years. I absolutely know I couldn't handled going there every day. Many of these teachers have (wittingly or not) influenced young people or at least made the weeks of public school tolerable--art can be one's salvation! I, however, cannot be such a martyr! I must, however, be the keynote speaker.

I pulled slides. I prepared painted WonderUnder, velvets, chiffons, and made a dozen notecard examples of the workshop project. I even cleaned and swept the studio floor (it was found on the bottom of the pile--a flat, blue painted floor!) I updated my biography and my "Bibliography and Resource" hand-out. I ordered copies of these and my newly designed business card. Kinkos should have them ready by tomorrow morning. I'll pack the car by Tuesday. This should give me 24 hours to remember anything I'd previously forgotten. All this for $200.

Yet, if I actually can inspire someone, it will be a worthwhile venture. I guess this is the point to the address. Each teacher must allow time for inspiration and growth in order to effectively teach and impart information.In the meantime, the Mosaic Book is complete. The dustjacket was altered to include me, my biography, my statement, etc without really obscuring John Maxim's information. I only realized (when altering the dustjacket) that this author is still living and working in Hilton Head. I'm toying with the idea of contacting him next weekend to see if he's sign the finished project along with me. Of course, I run the risk of offending him after altering the book~

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