Sunday, October 08, 2006

First Place at the State Fair

Well, I think I'm caught up now with the postings. Sure, I didn't mention that the casting for Birmingham Royal Ballet was posted (not officially) and included Mathias in various performances as "Spanish". Hilariously, he wanted even more. He ranted a bit to Steve but within a day was totally fine with his ballet world again! Frankly, I love Spanish and am thrilled for him. I won't see it but Steve has booked a ticket to attend in November. If money were no object, we'd both go; but, the life of an artist isn't the most profitable. I still must frame pictures for a half a day and can't just hop on a plane headed to England with my husband! At least we can go separately upon occasion. We are grateful. Besides, I've got plenty of artwork waiting for me to do!

Speaking of artwork, the reception for the State Fair was today. Okay, no matter what, I cannot list anything from a "state fair" on my resume but extra cash for an award is always welcome. Entering the state fair is easy, on-line, and free. So, of course, I entered. I won first in Open Media two years ago and figured I'd never win again. Winners were suppose to be notified by an email. One never came but we went to the reception anyway. It is always a nice, relaxed time to see artwork and friends.

Amazingly, however, the Lord's Prayer Triptych had a ribbon on it--a BLUE RIBBON. I won first in the category which is $500. For a piece that just got rejected from the Pittsburgh International biennial, I was stunned.After spending the day in preparation for the SC Art Educator's conference, this prize was a reminder as to the life I want to lead--an artist, not a teacher. Many say I'm a natural teacher, born to entertain and educate simutaneously. I need to focus, however, on just the art, not the teaching. I'm ready for the address, the workshop (I think; I hope!) but I must be strong and keep my focus--my art!

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