Thursday, January 04, 2007

Archeology Project at I. Pinckney Simons Gallery

Well, I read two chapters on de Kooning while uploading images. I forgot some of the statements I just wrote on the previous post. Likely, I need to add an explanation. I said something about being both "well" and "injured". Explanation: I accidentally fell down the back steps yesterday, ruined the pants I was wearing, bloodied both knees, and I couldn't stand for over five minutes. I've had to take aspirin to get over the pain, but otherwise I'm quite healthy and I feel much better today!

I also mentioned being "down in the dumps" and "on top of the world". Well, yesterday I delivered my artwork to the show at I. Pinckney Simons Gallery. I thought I was just going to drop everything off. All the pieces were nicely labeled, cataloged, and ready to hang. I provided an exhibition list, plenty of extra bios and business cards, and had this paperwork printed on card stock and inside a three-ring binder.

I was shocked to learn that Rick Simons expected, no....required..., Janet and I to actually HANG THE SHOW!. This job took all afternoon. Once finished, Rick Simons announced that he labels for all the pieces. He explained that clients needed to "see the prices"....not have to turn the pieces over or ask. Sure, I see the point......but, isn't the gallery suppose to do this.....or something? Basically, Janet and I have done all the publicity, paid for the invitations, are doing all the mailing, hung the show....and now I created labels for all the pieces...both mine and Janet's. (How was she going to generate typed labels in Orangeburg overnight and return to Columbia?) Today, I tagged all my artwork and the collaborations. I insisted that Rick had to figure out which tag belonged to which of Janet's works.

So, in a sense, I've been down in the dumps because this gallery really isn't WORKING for the 40% commission....providing they manage to sell anything. Let's hope all my words here are one's I'll soon regret because their salesmanship abilities will far exceed my wildest expectations. (I'm not going to hold my breathe!)

I've also been "on top of the world". My Archeology Project is right in the middle of the gallery on an ornate round table, a focal point. It looks great. Also, my other show is on the Ironstone Vineyard website! I am thrilled. Steve booked my accommodations (a really sweet deal) at a quaint place called The Jumping Frog Inn. So, soon I'll have an opening in Columbia, a trip with Steve to DC, a trip to Birmingham to see Mathias and ballet, and finally both a trip and opening in California. Yes.....even if I'm rejected from the local McKissick Museum charity event, I'm on top of the world!

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