Friday, January 05, 2007

Love is the Wisdom of the Fool

Well, this morning I am off to Charleston. My only "real" framing client--the one I still cater to with corner samples, hanging artwork services, and even office/house calls--is Leonard Long. It is my honor to work for an important man like Leonard. He has trusted me with this art collection that includes about fifteen original pastels by Elizabeth O'Neill Verner, a watercolor by Hutty, numerous oils by Linda Fantuzzo, and work by Manning Williams. I've framed three golf clubhouses, three houses, and several offices for Leonard. When he calls, I jump. Today, I'm jumping.
Before I leave, however, I wanted to see if Blogger was uploading images at any pace quicker that a snail. It is. So, here's one of the other pieces that I'm submitting for the McKissick Museum "A Fool for Art" charity event. The quotation is by Samuel Johnson and reads: Love is the Wisdom of the Fool and the Folly of the Wise. The piece is a paper collage with both hand and machine embroidery.

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