Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Archeology Project

Last month I posted an image of the Archeology Project. I've talked about it for months. Until the last post, I never suggested that it was anything but wonderful. It is wonderful. But, I do want more. It can be better. It can grow to include "faux" idols, fanciful archaeological tools, more books, "personal items", vials and jars of mysterious contents, fantasy maps, a tent, a desk, etc. What I've got so far works. It functions just the way I envisioned it would. I wanted people to finger through the contents of these three suitcases, exploring the items, turning them each over to see both sides, and wonder about them. I wanted the individual pieces to suggest a unique, half-hidden story with their fragmented edges and various materials. I used antique prints, text printed in 1655, vintage stamps, Victorian beads, torn up pieces of old embroideries, and collages that included international tidbits. I made it to tap into the common feeling so many people experience when visiting a famous archaeological sight...that desire to take away something from the past, like a rock from Stonehenge, some gravel from Pompeii, or a chip from the coliseum in Rome. I posted images last month. I'm posting this one to remind myself of where the Archeology Project currently stands....and where it needs to go!

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