Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mixed Up!

Two posts ago I wrote about last Thursday evening's reception. I uploaded two images to go along with this post but never mentioned them at all. These pictures have nothing whatsoever to do with the reception or the show! I posted them because they are new, finished work from my "Elements of Architecture Series". Most of this series is currently at my solo show in California's Ironstone Vineyards. The two newest ones are XXV and XXVI.

I make these embroideries by first painting a picture on cheap, typing paper. I use heat-activated paints (key ingredient!). Once the paint is totally dry, I turn it face-side-down onto 100% polyester and iron it firmly using the highest heat setting possible. (Actually, I use an old, heavy iron because they get even hotter than the new ones do!) Then, I hand stitch the polyester using heavy, bulky wools and assorted other threads. Finally, I put a piece of sheer nylon chiffon (the kind women use to wear over their hair curlers) over the hand stitching so that I can free-motion embroider into the threads. I zig-zag the edges.

Anyway, since I'm not much of a painter, I have generally collaged the painting onto an 8-ply piece of mat board with other papers, paint, and oil pastels. I just finished creating 16 of these collages. Pictured with this post are the two that correspond to the recent embroideries!

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