Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Architecture Series continues!

This week is the reception for the Archeology Project at I. Pinckney Simons Gallery. I think Janet put it into the Simons' heads that we need to have a gallery talk. While I could discuss my work at length and am generally quite entertaining, I think this is a rather poor idea. We've invited more people that the gallery can sufficiently hold. Obviously, only some will show up; but, it still could be a bit congested as there's not that much space to begin with. Also, the gallery doesn't have a dedicated space for our show. Thus, people will not necessarily be standing near our work while we speak. Plus, the set up of the gallery emulates a "home setting" with partial walls, furniture, tables, etc. There really isn't a "good" place in which to center such a gallery talk. I'm sure Janet just wants to do this. I'll play it by ear.
In the meantime, I'm at work on my continuing Architecture Series. Maybe I'm inspired by the fact that my solo show in California is up and getting some attention. Though I have no contract and haven't the faintest idea what commission I'll be charged for sales, at least I didn't have to write and submit the publicity, design and mail invitations, hang the show, etc. etc. etc.
Right now, I'm on the Ironstone Vineyard's website and the Calavara County website! So, I'm back to stitching buildings.
More that stitching, I took the heat-transfer painted sheets I made in order to get the foundation color and design onto the background and collaged them--all sixteen of the recent images. Of course, I've only stitched six of these so far. I'm planning to take photos soon. First, however, here's Elements of Architecture XXIII and XXIV. I've got the next two done as well, just not photographed.

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