Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Mouse House has been so busy this week that I really didn't pay attention to the approaching weather. I've been preoccupied with framing, the upcoming reception at I. Pinckney Simons Gallery tomorrow, updating the Vista Studios website, insisting upon Alex's "grounding" because of poor grades, and producing new artwork. Today, however, the temperatures dipped.

I am suppose to deliver about twelve pieces to Corley Elementary School tomorrow at 1 PM. They will hang for about two months for all the kids and school visitors. I selected several from a series made with assorted, trivial found objects. Each includes letters spelling a popular phrase like "Knick Knack", "Odds and Ends", "Pack Rat", etc. I confirmed my appointment via email today.

The art teacher at Corley Elementary seems geniunely thrilled to have my work for this exhibit. Yet, she is a little worried about tomorrow. She gave me her cell phone number......"just in case". In case of what, I wondered?

Well, by late in the afternoon, Dreher High School decided to call a two-hour delay to the school starting time tomorrow. An ICE STORM is rumored to be headed our way! The rumors now floating around the student population is that maybe school will be cancelled! This on the day of the reception.

I cannot help the weather, but I do hope this is all a gross over-reaction---typical of Southerners who are terrified of snow and cannot drive in rain! I've arranged to meet one of my "goddesses" of embroidery before the reception. Lee Malerich is coming for the show. We are to have drinks beforehand. Here's to crossing my fingers and toes for fair skies!

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