Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Golden Gate Bridge

Steve and I drove over the Golden Gate Bridge. We stoped on the north side at the vista viewing area and walked almost to the halfway point. The fog rolled in over the city. It was an incredible experience. The images here are of the bridge and the views from it.


wanda said...

The ocean pictures remind me of a trip long ago I made out to San Diego to visit none other than our Grandma! She went out there to stay with a friend or something for a whole month. And we had a wonderful time. Towards the end of the day, we always had to head for the ocean. She loves the ocean and we sat for long moments, in silence, staring out into the power of God. I share this with you becuase I don't know if you knew that about Grandma. Of course, our memories of a younger LoraDell are much different than those of the Great-grandkids. And I am so thankful. These pictures are wonderful....I found myself, once again, staring for long moments at the glory of my higher power.

Susan said...

Hi Wanda!
Thanks again for the comment. You know I write my posts for several reasons: First, I find the daily routine of writing is helpful and even inspirational for my artistic ventures. I started journaling in ninth grade...after reading "Harriet The Spy" because Mom insisted. (I love that book and refused to change the cherish memories by seeing the movie!) I've written on and off ever since. At times, it was the only thing getting my through life. Second, I write in order to share my experiences with my family. Thus, I really love getting your posts. (Some one is reading!) And, third, I have always known that writing requires READING. I write with the hopes that someone will read what I've got to matter how self-centered, egotistical, stupid, or inaccurate the words might be. "No Man is an Island". Also, yes, I've known how important God is in Grandma's life. She has carefully selected what parts of herself she has shared with her multi-generational family members. With me, she often talks about the undying love for Grandpa, the eternal power of marriage, and the quirky things she and Grandpa did as kids. Their ups and downs; the wide range of emotions they felt within the security of a happy, total union. She talks about these things to me because I think she knows that my marriage is also one like hers. (Please note, I did not use the past tense. Her marriage is as valid and secure as my own despite Grandpa's death so many years ago.) In those conversations, she's left traces of her strong tie to God. With me, this is not the focal point of our conversations. It is likely that she reserves such conversations for you. Perhaps, with you she talks more indepth of heavenly powers and God's destiny. Your comments, however, touch upon another memory...MOM. All my young life I heard fantastic stories of an incredible force known as MOM, our Great Grandmother. In person, she was nothing like the myths I overheard when our parents thought we were all asleep. She had been a feistly redhead with a temper, a great sense of business, and an independent spirit before Women's Lib was organized. We, her great-grandchildren only saw the confused, elder, problem that eventually died as a ward of the state. As the oldest, I think I might remember a bit more....but, I know none of us really knew this unusual lady. I'm afraid that my own children have no vision of LoraDell, their Great Grandmother. I've tried to tell them about her, about Grandpa, and about the two of them. Unfortunately, they cannot see the funny woman fixing Shirley Temples for our Christmas Passion Plays who sent seven children on daily, Christmas-time three mile hikes to the post office in order to have some quiet moments of peace. She sent us to bed early in order to spend some quality time in a locked bedroom with her age 54+! No, my two boys can hardly believe my stories about Grandma. It is truly sad. They know that my words ring true. Current reality just prevents their belief. It has all turned to fiction.

wanda said...

Sadly enough, I didn't know you could post comments to my comments. But now I do. You know, you are so insightful and smart. I had no idea that Grandma shared herself with anyone else. I guess that is the selfish person I am, or have become. When we were young, it shocked and hurt me to know that the Bakers visited Grandma and Grandpa like we did. And you are so right. Grandma shared parts of herself with me that I could relate to. And parts with you that you could relate to. What would I know about a marriage that is so strong that one person becomes the fibers of the other. But she knew that I could relate to the power of God because it is so strong in my life. I didn't know that Grandma and Grandpa did quirky things as kids. I guess I didn't even know they were kids. And I thank you for sharing your treasured times and conversations with her with me. I learn so much every day. Maybe that is why I am on the path I am. It sounds good anyway. Some kind of excuse for me just sitting around waiting for life to start. I just can't comprehend what "take the bull by the horns" and "just DO it" mean. I don't know how to get started. So I do nothing. I guess that is a decision too. But I just have the feeling that I am going to regret it because I really aren't getting younger. ( that english? It sounds a bit strange but I can't think of the right way to say it). And I am glad that you have memories of Mom. I do too but not more than the old woman. But I always thought, because of the stories, that her life would make a great movie.