Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Catching Up!

Over the few days I will be sorting through the over 600 image I took while in California. I used two digital cameras. Why? Because I accidentally shut the rental car's door onto my coat...exactly onto the coat pocket...exactly onto the camera in my coat pocket. This was followed by a comic hour in Jackson, California. I went to the County Museum and was directed to Long's Drug Store and then on to Wal-Mart and then on to Staples. Everyone along the way was extremely nice. Finally, there was a half decent camera to buy. It is not as good at the old one; but it works! I was thankful, especially since the new, little device was definitely needed in Yosemite and for the giant trees at the Calaveres State Park.

The poor, old camera has now been pronounced DEAD--beyond reasonable hope--at least it would cost more to fix it than to replace it.

As I sift through the images, I will post some. I'll try to group them. Here's the first batch: Chinatown! Steve (who surprised me by coming to California for the first weekend!) and I went into San Francisco on our first night. We walked up and down the hilly streets looking at the vendors, the cheap imports, the expensive carved ivories, and finally stopped to eat in a little place that had at least half its menu translated into English! Delicious!


Wanda said...

Susan...what kind of camera do you use? I have a Canon EOS 750...I think it is old but then think about the camera of Dad's we all learned to take pictures on! I kept it because I took some great pictures in Holland when Mom and I went there a few years ago. I got rid of my digital because, although quite expensive, I never liked the pictures it took because it wasn't "true". take such beautiful pictures! I am in awe of them. The colors and contrast are perfect. And your eye is exceptional. have them on the computer. So, how do you do it?

Susan said...

Hi Wanda!
I love getting your comments! I use whatever digital camera the guy at the rather professional photo shop sells me. He knows what I need and what I will never use! The broken one is a Canon Power Shot A630. The new one is also a Canon but not as good--a few less maximum pixels and only two batteries so it doesn't get ready to shoot again as quickly as I'd like. I will likely buy another Canon in a month or so as newer models are about to come out. I love digital. One of the reasons, however, is that I have PhotoShop on the computer. Thus, I can color and contrast correct everything. I shot images like mad, hundreds of them. I pitch at least 20% before I even upload them onto the computer. I generally pitch another 25% after looking at them on the screen. I adore the ease and organization of using the computer for my pictures

Wanda said...

So, you take digital pictures. That is amazing. I guess I just have the wrong experience with digital cameras. The Fuji one that we had wasn't true...what you saw and what you got was way off. Very easily noticable. After I gave that one to Ted, I got a cheapy just to have a digital and it is...well, cheap. I don't like it at all plus I hate the Kodak photo program that you have to install on the computer for it. All my pictures now jump to that program. When I download or even enlarge pictures from the net (like double clicking your expandable pictures), they all jump to that program. Sometimes, I can't even view them but have to save them to the desktop to even see them. It's horrible. I sure wish I had a "camera guy" and a "computer guy". My computer is doing wierd things and I don't know why. I don't know anyone that can help me. Describing a computer problem usually doesn't work to well in finding a solution. They need to see it and do whatever it is that they do to fix it. So I just patch the stupid thing the best I can and restart whenever something happens that I can't figure out. That usually works but I know it doesn't solve the problem.