Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My show at Ironstone Vineyards

Chris Gomez gave my a great opportunity to have a solo exhibition of my embroideries at Ironstone Vineyard. Chris manages the Ironstone Vineyard Museum, gift shop, jewelry store, and the summer concert series---among other things. She is the one in the burgundy red jacket. Jessica is pictured with her. She poured our first wine tasting and arranged lunch for Steve and I.

These are a few of the pictures of my show at Ironstone Vineyards. Although it might only look like a wide hallway, it is the thoroughfare between the reception area (a place for rather classy weddings and catered events) and the staircase to the busy tasting room and gift shop. Obviously, it is an area of high visibility. I was so proud to have my work on display.


Wanda said...

I dream of working with you one day

Susan said...

Hi Wanda!
Pretend this is the PRICE IS RIGHT! (Is this television program still in existance? I guess it might not matter since you are in Germany!)'s my comment on your comment....