Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A tour of Ironstone Vineyard

I cannot say enough about Ironstone Vineyard. It is a fabulous place, great in beauty and hospitality. Steve and I were treated to a private tour of the grounds and winery. The images here include meticulous landscaping. All the water for irrigation is recycled from their pond. Lovely creeks collect the run-off.
Annually, Ironstone Vineyard hosts its "Spring Obsession" event. They introduce the year's new "Obsession" wine, a crisp fruity white in which even I could distinguish the hints of apricot. I instantly thought how much my mom would like it. To celebrate the new wine, over 600,000 daffodils bloom all over the grounds and there is an annual, national juried art show. I started entering this five years ago and it led to the opportunity to have my solo show.

Ironstone Vineyard also hosts an annual summer concert series that has featured such talent as Willie Nelson and the Doobey Brothers. Their amphitheater seats about 2,000 people. Up-front there are posh tables that include menu service. Behind are comfortable chairs in reserved rows. Further behind are the open lawn seating. Basically, there's a seat in everyone's price zone! There are shuttle buses to bring visitors from the parking lots...even for the art receptions!

Chris Gomez took Steve and I into the underground caves where barrels of wine ferment. There is a natural spring and fountain inside.

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Wanda said...

These pictures...well, I don't even have the words. But one struck me especially...the one with the barrels going down a curving hall. It reminded me of another curving hall in the ground that I visited once...the line of defense that was built in France so the Germans couldn't ever invade again like during WWI. Miles and miles of underground tunnels. With trains and rooms and barracks. All immaculate and beautiful in a cold and sterile way. Of course the Germans just went around this defense line. Anyway...I took some nice pictures there. But nothing compared to yours