Monday, May 14, 2007

Rusted fabric

Since joining three different blog rings, I've spent some time clicking from one fantastic, fiber related blog to the next. I stumbled onto one with amazing images of rusted fabric.

While I don't have gorgeous, rusted dragons or fairies, I do have an entire candy tin full of rusted, square nails that I purchased from the antique plumbing shop in Murphys, California. I just had to try this idea. The more I thought about it, the more I knew this would be this weekend's experimentation. Also, things just fell into place.

I've got an idea now...a use for my thirty-one pieces of silk with rusted nail altered book: Nails in a coffin, 1861-85. I've got dozens and dozens of civil war era pages from Harper's Weekly. I've got an antique cover and binding. I have a plan. I'm excited.

Now, how did I do this. I followed the brief instruction from the other blog...sort of. I mixed about a half cup of white vinegar into a quart of water. I didn't measure. I soaked the pieces of cut silk individually in the solution and wrung them what I'd call "damp". Then I stacked the fabric with the nails: fabric, nails, two pieces of fabric, nails, two pieces of fabric, nails....etc. I pressed the fabric down around the nails as I went and then used an extra large zip-lock bag of sand to apply pressure. I stacked everything in a sealable plastic container and placed it in the sunshine. Every hour of so, I continued to pour more vinegar/water solution on the top and around the side...just enough to keep everything "damp". I'm pleased with my results....after only six or seven hours.

Now...I've got to make the book!

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