Monday, May 14, 2007

Palmetto Hands

While I was busy in my studio rusting fabric and finishing two pieces (In Box XXXI and Fairy of Silver), Steve drove to the North Charleston Arts Center to pick up my entries in Palmetto Hands, a juried fine craft exhibit. He came back with an honorable mention ribbon and an announcement that two of my four pieces had been selected for the annual traveling show. One is an earlier piece from my In Box series. Unlike those I'm making now, the lowest layer of "boxes" was made from a pair of Alex's old, black denim jeans and a tattered, grey faux-leather jacket. The coloring is all in rust, ocher, and browns with golden accents. The other piece that will travel for a year was a collection of decorative spools and nuts and bolts displayed in one of my low-rimmed vessels. Yet, Steve didn't know which piece received the award. Today I learned that it was the In Box. Funny, I started the In Boxes well over a year ago. Now they seem to be taking off!

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