Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Two new pieces done

Above is a detail from In Box XXIX, the only piece I now have for the solo show at Francis Marion University.....okay, okay....I actually do have earlier, smaller pieces in this series but they're more "studies". They are not what I want to showcase.

This is a photo of the entire piece. Click on it for a better view.

A few posts ago, I uploaded an image of this piece while in progress. I had just completed the free motion machine embroidery. Since then, I stapled it to stretcher bars to avoid shrinkage and used a fine tipped soldering iron on it. The soldering iron adds holes and little slits as decorative elements. Finally, I melted away the purple acrylic craft felt with a heat gun. This is a photo taken during the "melting" process. Half is melted; half is not. I do this outside to avoid the noxious fumes.

I also finished another piece in the ballet series based on The Sleeping Beauty. This series is stitched on water soluble fabric. This piece is Puss n Boots and the White Cat.

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arlee said...

Hmm, never thought of stretching on bars or "blocking" to prevent the shrinkage--great tip! Wondered how you did the big pieces with little distortion!