Monday, May 07, 2007


I put four "In Boxes" into last weekend's Artista Vista show that hung through this past weekend for OPEN STUDIOS. Two sold the first weekend. The other two sold this weekend....FOUR RED DOTS! I'm astounded. My artist book, Which Came First?, was a real hit too.

Personally, I had a blast just being an artist all day on Saturday and Sunday. One lady said that her time with me might "possibly be life altering". I also got some great feedback, including excellent suggestions for future work and opportunities.

With the recent sales of the "In Boxes", I now officially have NOTHING done for the upcoming solo show at Francis Marion. I have lots of work to do this summer. At least I've already started. This photo shows the next "In Box" motion machining complete...ready to solder...then to melt the felt from the reverse.

This photo shows one young lady trying free motion embroidery during the Open Studio tour.

The finale for the entire Columbia Festival of the Arts took place an hour after OPEN STUDIOS ended. This gave Alex, his girlfriend Erica, and I enough time to pick up sandwiches and sodas at the grocery store and get to Finlay Park.

Benedict College's gospel choir was followed by the South Carolina Philharmonic. The 1812 Overture was played to an incredible firework display. We had a grand time.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Big Sista - Great to touch base with you...been a while since I checked out your blog...but so very interesting (and I got to see what Alex's Erica looks like!!) - Looking forward to seeing you at the Baker's! Best - Your Little Sista