Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Busy, productive weekend

While I was in England, Steve sold another piece from my "In Box" series. Thus, I now only have two pieces done for my solo exhibition at Francis Marion University. Panicking, I looked up the date for delivering the show...August 4. My heart nearly stopped beating; but, Steve promised my as much time as I needed this weekend in my studio. So, after a day of picture framing and working with my digital images (Friday), I spent all day, both weekend days, working. I decided to create at least four pieces in my "Strata" series. I selected colors for the four seasons. They are completed. I must have free motion machined for at least eight hours each day. Tomorrow, I'm going to post some photos from Warwick Cathedral and take photos of the four "Elements of Architecture" pieces I hand-stitched while abroad as well as the four "Stratas". Hopefully, I'll get these posted too...while cutting mats. I'm feeling much, much better about the show now. My total is now six pieces...ten more to go! I'll need to order chiffon scarves from I still can't believe I'm part of a blog ring that includes The Thread Studio owner!

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