Monday, June 11, 2007

Warwick Cathedral

Mathias, Alex, and I arrived in Warwick and found the Castle before it was open. Thus, we walked back a few blocks to the cathedral and spent most of the morning wandering around the incredible interior, exploring the cemetery, and climbing the tower.

Off the transept was an elaborate "Ladies Chapel". I think this area was intended as a place for private prayers. It was quite ornate. Below are two images of ceilings found in this area. The last image posted here is of a bas relief over the central alter in the Ladies Chapel. Several very fancy tombs were located right in the middle of the room. I loved adored the English style of painting faces and clothes on the tombs. Yet, it was another tomb found elsewhere in the cathedral that I took the pretty pictures of the with a cross and the other with a lamp.

I posted several images of the boys, some from on top of the tower, on my other blog. After visiting the crypt of this church, we went on to the castle.

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