Monday, June 25, 2007

Tagged...whatever that means!

It's been a long day. Monday is generally a long day. This is the time I face the items brought to Mouse House that require framing.

Let me explain something....I really don't "custom frame" anymore. I'm more than a little arrogant...which embarrasses me a bit...I only frame for people who trust my style, taste, and selections totally. Mouse House (me) requires that each client simply leave their artwork with my husband Steve. Their input is simple...we need the telephone number to which we will dial upon the completion of the order.

Customers don't get to know what I will do, when I will finish, or how much it will cost. No client gets any input about moulding, mats, size, price, or when the order is done....quite arrogant. Thankfully, we don't advertise this...or I'd really be "swimming in work". Strange...I always framed things "appropriately" with "reasonable" prices. Now, six years after down-sizing a business with fourteen on payroll to just Steve and I, I am still too busy. Too many people trust me. I am far too trust-worthy. I am prompt. Nothing takes more than ten to twelve days to frame. I'm still less expensive than anyone else in town. Thus, I'm busy.

Today I faced over 43 pieces of children's artwork for the local school district's permanent collection. I also had at least 20 other pieces from several clients and 37 botanicals that we decided to do for "stock" at Mouse House.'s been a long day. I've been cutting mats and designing things since 8:30 AM.

I've also been checking my blog. The only thing making all the work tolerable is the fact that I've just posted my video of Nails in a Coffin, 1861 - 1864. I'm anxiously awaiting feedback. I'm wondering how all the people out in "cyberland" feel about this new work.

Sometimes, offering one's work to the world is like walking naked down Main Street. There's a "Lady Godiva" sort of intensity. Secretly, I ask myself, "Do they like it? Do they approve? Am I good enough? Did it make sense?"

Somehow, the anticipation of acceptance (or rejection) got me through the busy day of framing. Between cutting mats and designing pictures, I also received a message that "I've been tagged".

I've often read the responses of others who have been tagged. I liked the is personal, intimate, interesting, and unique. So, now I need to respond...tell the "world" (or at least "cyberland") seven things about me. (A Time 4 Art is responsible for this:

So, here goes:
1) Both my boys were born on their due dates.
2) I put my husband through graduate school by delivering singing and dancing telegrams in Columbus, Ohio.
3) I graduated from Ohio State University with honors in Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Phi Beta Kappa at age 20). The senior honors thesis was written under the same man that later became my graduate adviser in History of Art. Thankfully, I quit after a year. This adviser was later arrested for taking a pen knife to precious documents in the Vatican Library and trying to sell them through antiquarian print dealers. I think he's now either dead or in prison. (I still adore 14th century Tuscan art!)
4) When I was eight years old (or younger...hard to remember), I spun a gerbil exercise wheel at my great uncle's house and killed a tiny gerbil. For years I thought I was going straight to hell for breaking one of the ten commandments. (I also lied about it!)
5) I take advise from my nineteen year old elder son because he's smarter than me, world famous, and closer to "perfect" than anyone I've ever known.
6) I know that God has a sense of humor because he blessed me with my younger son who is quite like me and very, very difficult...totally unique.
7) I am extraordinarily apprehensive and nervous about my fiber work because I lack an academic background, don't know the name of many stitches, can't make anything "useful" with any of my sewing machines, and haven't read many books (including the ones I own).

Okay, so there it is. Confessions. Seven things about me...tagged. I will be thinking of seven others on which to inflict this "spotlight"...but I will likely just "skip" that portion of the requirement....sue me!


arlee said...

Arrogance has its own rewards--you can adhere to your own standards and
produce work/art that pleases you. No compromises, no complaints. Actually, i think that's more of a self confidence virtue!

Wanda said...

I never heard of being tagged but I like the seven things you wrote. I don't see them as confessions though. Oh...and I thought it was ME that spun that stupid gerbil around!!! But I never tied that incident with going to hell. Actually, I don't even think we kids killed that stupid thing...I think it just died! Sure love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Finally you have enough arrogance to do things your way! Please be sure to thank God for your wonderful husband. I know you two are such an entwined pair that you perhaps don't think of each other as seperate beings "Stew and Seeve" but without him - all is only part. Love is a wonderful thing, as you know. Mom